Jan Shikshan Sansthan aims to provide vocational training to non-literates, neo-literates as well as school drop-outs in rural regions by identifying skills that have a relevant market in that region. Over two-thirds of India’s population comprises rural citizens. The objective of JSS is to uplift this rural population economically by imparting essential skills training, thereby enabling local trades to grow and creating new opportunities for the natives of the region.

Jan Shikshan Sansthan`s are conceived as institutes for conducting skill upgradation programme in Non-formal mode in rural and urban slums of a district while also providing academic and technical support to its target group. The Scheme aims to provide vocational education and skill development programmes to non-literates, neo literates and the person having rudimentary level of education belonging to disadvantaged sections of the society upto 12 th class Drop outs in the age group of 15- 45 years. While the focus group of JSS are SC/ST, minorities women/girls, migrants and slum/pavement dwellers, adolescents are also given preferences under the scheme. The Scheme of JSS is being successfully implemented with public and private partnership since last 50 years through NGOs. These NGOs play a vital role to provide vocational training at doorstep of the beneficiaries in the unreached areas of the country.The JSS function under the NGOs, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with annual recurring grant from the Govt. of India. The affairs of the JSS are managed by the Boards of Management (BOM) of respective JSS. It is mandatory for all JSS to register at NITI Aayog – Darpan portal.